The Beginning – Introduction

안녕하세요, I’m Jack, and I’m studying in South Korea for a semester.

I assume everyone reading this blog knows who I am. If you don’t, thanks for reading. I know I probably wouldn’t be reading a random blog about someone’s experiences studying abroad. It’s just one of those things where it isn’t very interesting unless you know the person, like when you aren’t particularly a fan of Ivy League basketball games, but when your friend from high school goes to Yale, you start tuning in to their games every once in a while (nobody tell Blake Reynolds I’m talking about him). So if you know me, you can skip to the next time I say “Nickelback isn’t as bad as everyone says they are.”

If you don’t know me, I’ll do my best JayZ impersonation and reintroduce myself. My name is Jack Jeffers. I’m twenty years old and I’m from Jackson, Missouri. I am a student at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. That’s probably all you need to know. If I miss anything, I’ll go back to this paragraph and add it in and you won’t even notice because I’ll put it before these two most recent sentences.

Nickelback isn’t as bad as everyone says they are.

This blog has three main uses. The first is so I don’t have to spend hours telling the same story to all of my friends and relatives who are interested. Reason number two is because I want to immortalize my experiences on the internet. I could lose a physical notebook in a flood or house fire. As people who advise against posting inappropriate things say, “anything you put on the internet is there forever.” The third reason is because Caitlyn Bess inspired me to create a blog of my own about my international adventures. (If you want to read about her time in the Peace Corps in Morocco, click here . She’s a great writer. This is a paid advertisement from Caitlyn Christine Bess.) Honorable mentions to this list include “writing takes a lot longer”, “blogs can get popular and can make money from advertisements”, and “girls might think I’m interesting and like me more”.

Anyway, a little background info on how I got to Seoul in the first place: During my third semester at Troy University, I decided on studying abroad. Upon evaluating my options, I chose Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea because it is a big school and seemed to be the most opposite culture from the choices I had. The semester doesn’t start until March 2, and my fall semester at Troy ended in mid-December, so I worked at Arrowhead Alpine Club (a ski resort in Colorado) during my long winter break to make money that would help pay for my trip. Needless to say, my family hasn’t seen me much recently. I apologize for saying something that was so needless to say. It was probably needless to apologize for that, or to even bring the irony of it to attention, but I couldn’t help myself. Furthermore, I find it interesting that you haven’t noticed that this is just pointless rambling and skipped to the next paragraph. Maybe you think I’m going to say something important, or that I’ll stop before going to a new paragraph. Well, I assure you that I won’t. I enjoy the power that being the author of the blog you are reading gives me in nearly forcing you to read what I write once you’ve already made it this far.

I left home for Seoul two days ago (February 20, 2017). I knew it would be a long journey, but I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was. I’ll tell you about it in part 2 of this post because I just decided I have already typed a lot and don’t want to continue on this page. So here, maybe take a break, see if you got any new likes on Instagram, and then come back and click on this:


3 thoughts on “The Beginning – Introduction

  1. I hope you make some awesome memories and have great adventures while you are there Jack! Stay safe and I look forward to hearing about all your endeavors!


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